Compound Exorcises

a variety of literary purges in trial size portions


As a writer, there's one thing that trips me up frequently as I go about my hobby, and it really annoys me.

The power within

In browsing today’s Daily Post, I stumbled across this blog, and wanted to share it. I like how the clean prose of the verse-form post compliments the tidily laid out template, and hey, there’s even a decent quote by Einstein! Check it out.


As the first rays of dawn,

Emerge on the eastern sky,

Bringing with it,

New hopes, new aspirations,

For a brighter day than it was yesterday,

Along with it in numerous households,

Wake up mere mortals to a mundane day ahead,

Grumbling about tasks to do,

Chores to complete,

Assignments to submit,

Targets to achieve,

If only the little chuckle of the,

Power within was heard,

Convincing of the magic the mortals possess,

Rather than grumble about the ever so long day ahead,

The first rays of dawn,

Would be as bright and better,

As it was conceived to be.


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Tinted Windows

The more I blog, the more I've began to settle into writing shorter, condensed pieces, as well as using other people's works as springboards to action; a point to uphold, mull, or disagree with. And today, there's plenty to consider, with political crusaders of all colours suddenly claiming their fair share of territory on WordPress.


I don't think the sky could figure out what shade it wanted to wear today. It seems hesitantly content playing host to grey clouds, backlit by a fluorescent sun I can't see, reminding me of the vacant glow of a slide projector lacking an image to beam.

Blogger’s Block

"April will be a blast" I thought. "70 visitors before, double that last month, why 300 hits should be an easy feat!" Yeah right. Problem is, you actually have to write stuff for that theory to work, and I'm running creatively dry exactly halfway into this month.

Glass Pyramid in a Desert

From fifteen-thousand feet, Las Vegas is invisible. The desert floor of Nevada stretches on until it disappears into the ether of earth's hazy rim, with minor undulations here and there, grey mountains shoved up through the sand like bones in a compound fracture.

Unclaimed Lost Stuff

Usually I surrender my findings to their most appropriate places, and so pocketing the phone for the time being, I figured I'd plug it in at home and wait for missed calls to pile up - at which point I'd answer and demand a ransom.

Emotional Tetris

The word seminar always sends shivers up my back, hearkening to mind the countless times multi-level marketers have used the term to somehow legitimize their cultish gatherings around Power Point presentations.

In Search of Summer School

I'll admit it. I'm one of those people who has a tendency to overthink things, argue for and against a point or an objective until I'm purple in the face.

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