Throw together some elements from the old Airport disaster flicks and Inception, and you’ve got the plotlines for Ares Three’s “Disaster of Flight 673.” I’ve reblogged it here as I got a kick out of it – the author’s choice of blog theme and photography is spot-on, too.


Bing, bong

“Ladies and gentleman the Captain has turned on the seatbelt sign at this time, please take your seats.”

The cabin was still set to ‘night mode’ as I made my way back to seat 13C.  Bracing myself against the over head bins, lurking calmly a long the illuminated aisle.  I slammed down in my seat, and put on my belt.

“Thanks for waking me, really appreciate it,” she said, rolling her eyes at me.

“Sorry, turbulence and all, plus I’m exhausted.” I replied.

“Long haul and a connecting flight?” she asked.

“Yea, 10 hours here than connecting to…”

The aircraft began skipping through the sky like a stone on a lake.  The woman forcefully grabbed my arm.  This little woman produced a death grip.  Like a python on prey.

Peering out the window, our calm skies now looked as if we were in the middle…

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