Compound Exorcises.

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The Qualm Before the Storm

Hooked by a nice play on words for a title, I found Margaret Curry’s “Qualm Before the Storm” to be an interesting read, dealing with gut instinct, sixth senses, and the improvement of self-intuition. Give it a try.

Life On The Skinny Branches

I have developed a fascination with intuition.

This comes out of necessity. I used to blame this on being a Libra, but I have come to admit that I am a person who has such fear of doing the wrong thing, that I make decision-making miserable.

Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”

Intuition. Also referred to as a hunch, instinct, clairvoyance, second sight, sixth sense…

I really like the idea of second sight. A way of seeing, not with the eyes, but with the body.

What?! How amazing is that to contemplate? The idea that my body can figure things out for me if I will but listen to her.

I have in the past called it the “uh oh” or the “red flag” feeling I can get in…

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Over Anime

By nature, I have a decent memory -- I don't have many difficulties in tracing back elements of my personality to their beginnings, or recalling how I came to acquire a certain taste. This talent or skill, however you want to consider it, isn't always that blissful, nor does it endow me with any profitable side-effects like card-counting, for example.

Glass Pyramid in a Desert

Compound Exorcises.

From fifteen-thousand feet, Las Vegas is invisible. The desert floor of Nevada stretches on until it disappears into the ether of earth’s hazy rim, with minor undulations here and there, grey mountains shoved up through the sand like bones in a compound fracture.

The first indication that civilization exists here too, is when the mirror’s edge of the windows on the Luxor Casino twinkle back at your airplane as if to say, “hey, Sin City will see you now.” That’s if you believe Las Vegas is some measure of civilization, but to go further down that path would be to assume this travelogue is more philosophical than it could ever want to be.

The Luxor, like more than a few things from the nineties, resembles something else in a weird, love-it-and-hate-it kind of way. It’s a huge glass pyramid that could pass as a bigger brother to the clear…

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Things can always get worse. It's a saying that doesn't exactly imply optimism, is it? I find that certain sayings, no matter how you twist them about, no matter what context you use them in, they always seem to pepper... Continue Reading →

The Disaster of Flight 673

Throw together some elements from the old Airport disaster flicks and Inception, and you’ve got the plotlines for Ares Three’s “Disaster of Flight 673.” I’ve reblogged it here as I got a kick out of it – the author’s choice of blog theme and photography is spot-on, too.


Bing, bong

“Ladies and gentleman the Captain has turned on the seatbelt sign at this time, please take your seats.”

The cabin was still set to ‘night mode’ as I made my way back to seat 13C.  Bracing myself against the over head bins, lurking calmly a long the illuminated aisle.  I slammed down in my seat, and put on my belt.

“Thanks for waking me, really appreciate it,” she said, rolling her eyes at me.

“Sorry, turbulence and all, plus I’m exhausted.” I replied.

“Long haul and a connecting flight?” she asked.

“Yea, 10 hours here than connecting to…”

The aircraft began skipping through the sky like a stone on a lake.  The woman forcefully grabbed my arm.  This little woman produced a death grip.  Like a python on prey.

Peering out the window, our calm skies now looked as if we were in the middle…

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I dread elections as I never feel I know enough about the candidates to make a responsible choice, or worse yet, none of them seem to align with my ideals. It's almost like I take the responsibility of voting too seriously, which is why I've regrettably not voted sometimes in the past - a mistake I don't intend to make this time.

In Good Humour

As a writer, there's one thing that trips me up frequently as I go about my hobby, and it really annoys me.

The power within

In browsing today’s Daily Post, I stumbled across this blog, and wanted to share it. I like how the clean prose of the verse-form post compliments the tidily laid out template, and hey, there’s even a decent quote by Einstein! Check it out.


As the first rays of dawn,

Emerge on the eastern sky,

Bringing with it,

New hopes, new aspirations,

For a brighter day than it was yesterday,

Along with it in numerous households,

Wake up mere mortals to a mundane day ahead,

Grumbling about tasks to do,

Chores to complete,

Assignments to submit,

Targets to achieve,

If only the little chuckle of the,

Power within was heard,

Convincing of the magic the mortals possess,

Rather than grumble about the ever so long day ahead,

The first rays of dawn,

Would be as bright and better,

As it was conceived to be.


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Tinted Windows

The more I blog, the more I've began to settle into writing shorter, condensed pieces, as well as using other people's works as springboards to action; a point to uphold, mull, or disagree with. And today, there's plenty to consider, with political crusaders of all colours suddenly claiming their fair share of territory on WordPress.

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